Yummy Together! OTTOGI’s Character,


Happiness seems easy because having a delicious meal together is already enough!

Yummy Together!

                        CHABI 화살표 TTOGI 푸드 메이트 #두근두근
                        TTOGI 화살표 CHABI 귀여운 푸드파이터 #애교가득 #병아리
                        CHABI 화살표 MAYO 푹신한 자가용
                        MAYO 양쪽화살표 TTOGI EVERYTHING! #베스트 프랜드
  • 뚜기

    뚜기 (TTOGI)

    뚜기 (TTOGI)


    Motif : Ottogi

    TTOGI is an expert in taste and loves sharing a meal with friends. With MAYO and CHABI, TTOGI takes on a journey to make everyday happy and delicious!

  • 마요 (MAYO)

    Mayonnaise lover

    Motif : Mayonnaise

    MAYO is relaxed and fluffy. With an exceptional sense of smell, MAYO is a smart dog that helps TTOGI find the best ingredient.

    마요 (MAYO)

  • 챠비

    챠비 (CHABI)

    챠비 (CHABI)

    Food Fighter

    Motif : Ketchup

    Though small in size, CHABI can out-eat TTOGI and MAYO altogether. CHABI always brings bright and positive energy to the group.

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