The Sustainable Future ESG Story

OTTOGI ESG shines the future with its sincerity

Overview and Vision Based on our mission to 'create a happy world by contributing to the improvement of human eating habits', we are pursuing our business to become a global OTTOGI that promotes a healthy dietary culture. OTTOGI's ESG management goal is to practice customer satisfaction and social contribution based on the stable management and growth of the organization and go further to contribute to the common development of humanity.

Sustainable Strategy


OTTOGI has established an ESG strategic direction called 'Re-Work, OTTOGI', a sustainable growth strategy for the next 50 years that includes mid- to long-term direction based on corporate goals, management philosophy, and business management strategy.

  • Responsible sourcing
    • Transition to sustainable food ingredients in the era of climate change
  • Environmental Action
    • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction
    • Conversion to packaging materials based on reuse and resource circulation Increase the use of recyclable resources.
    • Virgin plastic reduction
  • Water & Water Minization
    • Water usage reduction
    • Achieving zero landfill waste nets
  • Organizational Restructuring
    • Restructuring governance
  • Relationship with Customer and Suppliers
    • Based on safe online consumption
    • Securing supply chain sustainability
    • Continue various contribution activities to improve human eating habits
  • Keeping Improving
    • Sustainable improvement activities through sound governance

ESG Management Organization

OTTOGI is creating a systematic ESG management system by establishing an ESG Committee and operating a dedicated ESG organization.

조직도 조직도
  • 이사회
    • ESG위원회
  • 대표이사
    • 운영위원회
    • ESG추진팀
      • ESG워킹그룹(환경,사회,지배구조 실무부서)
        • E. 환경
          • 공장
          • 조달실
          • 환경안전팀
          • 연구소
        • S. 사회
          • 품질보증실
          • 홍보실
          • 환경안전팀
          • 인사팀
        • G. 지배구조
          • 법무팀
          • 내부회계팀
          • 재경팀
      • ESG TFT(오뚜기 및 관계사 임직원)

ESG Rating

OTTOGI will strive to become a company that continues to grow through environmental protection, compliance and ethical management, and transparent governance.

ESG Rating
Year Integrated Rating E. Environment S. Society G. Governance structure
2023 B+ B+ A B+
2022 C C B+ C
2021 A B+ A+ B+

The Evaluation Results of Korea ESG Standards Institute (KCGS)

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